my short thoughts on "Follow Your Dream" 

what I think of "follow your dreams:" the system wants you to think that you tried following your dreams so they tell you that upfront when you're little so you think nothing of it and basically forget about it around the time you really need to be doing it. If by chance you do believe in it, they get to lie to you and say "well you've already tried that, and it didn't work." What they mean by that is, say you like to draw, when you were little you drew on a piece of paper in which blue lines watermarked… Read more

Does It Bother Anyone Else That 

New Year's Day does not fall on a Monday? I finally have time to breathe, now that Christmas is over, and I want to see how much I can get done. So I wake up today and do things, and I feel good so far, like it's a new beginning. The Monday after all of the rush, when things slow down. But it is not the new beginning. The new beginning, where 2014 says goodbye, is Wednesday night. If I wanted to start the new Year looking for new venues to play music, is Thursday really a good day to do that, just one day… Read more

Too Early for Creativity? 

I sit preparing for a piano lesson, to make it fun, and I’m trying to think on what to teach to the student for the lesson. I get bored very easily with the two “keep practicing/great job” outcomes that can emerge, and feel a teacher should offer more than that. I feel that one learns best when they are daring, and doing, for that is how I have learned so much in my music, because I tried things without fear.  But then part of myself said, “My student is still in the early books, still gathering an… Read more

Can you solve the puzzle? 

What's the name of the song I'm working on? I've spent over a month working on just the lyrics, and am still working on it. I want it to be on my next album. It's hard to make the syllables match time in each verse, but I'm trying. It's also hard because songs are actually short and I'm left wondering what lines I should cut from it if any. Can you guess the name of the song? RSTLNE is given, take your time.

_ _ N ' T    T E L L   _ _    _ _ _ _

The Song That Does Not Exist 

I've got a song stuck in my head, but I can't locate it to hear it. Has this ever happened to you? Years back, I was watching a Dierks Bentley music video called Settle for a Slowdown, and after many watches, it clicked, and I thought, "I want this song now on CD." My family thought I was crazy for quickly grabbing my keys and saying I had to go to Wal-mart to buy some album right then, but I wanted to listen to it, hold it in my hands, put it in the cd player, and not have to rely on the Internet to hear… Read more

November 5, 2014 

The New Site goes live

The long awaited, redesigned, fun and exciting new website is finally going online!  I welcome all of my fans to check it out and let me know what you think of the new site!